We are in the process of developing a new type of cable management solution for office, meetingroom and conference environments.


The purpose of developing this new solution is to remove the cable mess and minimize the wasted time used, when the current cable solutions are not working.


We expect to launch our products during 2013. Keep an eye on the status in the section below.






Peter Moeller Nielsen


Mobile: +45 4228 9000


Jesper Nielsen


Mobile: +45 3044 8000



Status pr. 23. April 2012:

We are looking for investor(s) to finalize the product development, go-to-market etc. Please contact either Peter or Jesper.


Status pr. 23. november 2011:

We have become member of VESA. We are in the process of developing custom made cables for our products.


Status pr. 12. august 2011:

We are still working on our prototype, and searching for cables that meet our requirements.



Status pr. 31. january 2011:

We have chosen to change our company name from Cablus to NordicCables. 



Status pr. 4. october 2010:

The basic principles in our first prototype are working. It needs a bit extra functions and adjustments in order to working as optimal as possible.

We are working on Sales and marketing strategy aswell.



























Remember: NordicCables will bring new innovative cable management solutions for office, meetingroom and conference environments